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Cypress, CA

Scotty D's "Golden Lion" Blend

Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee
8 oz
The "Golden Lion" blend is our signature blend, comprised of a Jamaica Blue Mountain, Peruvian Chesqui, and Guatemalan.
Blue Mountain, Pache Comum
Fully Washed

Notes from the curator

This blend is unique because of the sweet caramel taste notes and chocolatey aroma. An excellent bright acidic coffee with hints of lemon, herbs, and a distinct nuttiness make this coffee excellent hot or cold. This is the coffee blend used during our 2nd place finish in the "America's Best Cold Brew" competition.

More about Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee

We are a specialty roaster in Orange County, California that focuses on coffee grown in Jamaica. We roast 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and various other varietals that we blend with Blue Mountain Coffee.  Read more...

Customer reviews

Great Cup of Joe
4 / 5
Great nose and great flavor. Good by itself or with milk. A truly good staple coffee.