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San Rafael, CA

Tigerwalk Espresso
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Balanced, sweet, and creamy with flavors of cherry-toned chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.



4600 - 6550; 5250 - 5900; 3000 - 3600


Colombia; Kenya; Brazil


Inza, Cauca; Aberdare Mts., Mt. Kenya; Norte Pioneiro, Paraná





Notes from the curator

Our flagship espresso is roasted to highlight sweet, fruit forward flavors found in the component coffees. The coffee spends more time in the roaster to coax these flavors out and tamp down the acidity, yielding a balanced and versatile espresso. We enjoy this coffee so much that we serve it at most of our cafes! While there are many variables that contribute to dialing in espresso, here are the parameters that have been yielding the best results in our lab: 1:2coffee to water ratio in 26-28sec

More about Equator Coffees

Since 1995 we have believed that coffee is a force for good. As the first certified B Corp coffee roaster in California, Equator is a leader in quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. After two decades, our impact has grown but our values remain the same.


18 Customer Reviews

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Great beans. Gotta get more !

by Eliott Kessas