Organic Havana Club Rum Barrel Aged Espresso
Artizan Coffee Roasters

Organic Havana Club Rum Barrel Aged Espresso


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Miami, FL

Organic Havana Club Rum Barrel Aged Espresso
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Havana Club Rum Barrel Aged Espresso Blend Half-Caff. Enjoy after dinner with a Cigar!









Natural; Fully Washed; Decaffeinated: Swiss Water Process



Notes from the curator

Meet the world’s first USDA certified organic barrel-aged coffee. And not just any coffee, we took our Cuba Mia espresso beans and soaked them in Havana Club rum barrels. The result is the perfect pairing of the natural dark toffee and molasses of the coffee with the caramel sweetness and slight spiciness of the rum. We recommend brewing espresso from the beans, rather than drip coffee, for a more intense hit of coffee-rum flavor.

More about Artizan Coffee Roasters

Artizan Coffee is a craft roaster specializing in coffee of uncompromising quality. We only roast in small batches and always use USDA-certified organic, non-GMO beans free of mycotoxins—that means no nasty chemicals, fertilizers, or unethical farming practices.


3 Customer Reviews

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Travis Leonard avatarGood to the last drop

Really good bean!

by Travis Leonard
Roger Atkins avatarMy first experience with the marketplace, Havana Club Rum Barrel Aged Espresso Blend.

I'm sorry but I don't particularly care for this coffee. It doesn't do it for my tastebuds. I much prefer my usual Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry beans. Stronger, richer, more pleasing taste for me. I'm not discouraging anyone else from trying these. They're just not for me.

by Roger Atkins