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Espresso Drop


San Diego, CA

Espresso Drop
340 G

Flavors: Always ridiculously sweet, completely balanced and easy to love espresso. Think milk chocolate, toffee & cream



1350 - 1500; 1650 - 1775


Costa Rica; Guatemala


Tres Rios; Huehuetenango


Fully Washed; Honey



Notes from the curator

Feelings: This is the sweet stuff, the creamy chocolatey stuff, the decadent dessert in a cup stuff. 340 Grams of beautiful coffee designed to be served as espresso. Each Espresso Drop is a unique, one time blend of our current Single Origin coffees. Every week we create a fresh beautiful composition of the best coffees you have ever tasted. Blended and profiled to be an even tastier coffee than either coffee alone. Designed to be brewed as espresso at home and guaranteed to be easy to love.

More about Torque Coffees

Join our journey to bring beautiful coffees together with radical equity. You're going to love our coffees. They're sweet, balanced & a joy to drink. Coffee Farmers love our coffees. They get paid 20% of the retail price of every coffee. The transparent ratio means both you & the farmers know exactly how much of the value they receive. Beautiful & Radical.


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Justin Volden avatarFantastic!

Will be buying again.

by Justin Volden