Viking Coffee Co

Tri-Blend Dark Roast


Traverse City, MI

Tri-Blend Dark Roast
1 LB

The Tri-Blend is a dark and rich in chocolate and cocoa with nutty and earthy tones finishing with a smoky body!












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Micro batch roaster out of Northern Michigan. Our mission is simple, create delicious small batch coffee from some of the best beans we can gather. We care about the process. 🇺🇸


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David White avatarExcellent Coffee

I’ve been drinking coffee for over 50 years. I like dark - full bodied and this fulfills that craving. I will often mix with my other go to coffees for different complexity. 5 stars!

by David White
Ian Robertson avatarDelicious

This was an excellent choice - and for sure will be ordering again. We received a wonderful hand written note from the roaster, who described the beans perfectly. The aroma, taste and texture are fantastic - definitely up there with the best.

by Ian Robertson
Jeff Schmidt avatarGreat flavor and the aroma is awesome

Using this coffee in my Jura (still waiting on my spinn). The flavor extracts well into a 7.5 oz black cup of coffee. Good pick me up in the am as well another in the early afternoon. The delivery was fast, nice hadwritten note from the team at Viking along with some cool stickers. Rock on!

by Jeff Schmidt
Keith Tunison avatarDelicious

I am starting to narrow my search for my go to coffee and is coming down to this well rounded and very delicious blend. To me it is obvious the roaster really spent time creating this blend. I enjoy this anytime of day!

by Keith Tunison